Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3), distance learning and online certification program


  1. The distance learning program is under development. The US, EU and UK rules implementing Basel III follow many aspects of Basel III closely, but there are so many differences in approach in several key areas. Many G20 countries choose options and national discretions that make them “materially non-compliant” or “largely compliant” with Basel III. We must wait until we have a really consistent Basel III implementation. We have developed over 28,000 slides covering the different implementations, but we could not call these slides the Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3) program. We organize in-house instructor-led training in major banks and financial conglomerates, where we tailor the program to meet specific requirements.
  2. It is highly recommended to study the Certified Basel iii Professional (CBiiiPro) Program before the Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3) Program.

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