Basel iii - Distance Learning and Online Certification Programs

Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3)

Distance Learning and Online Certification Program


  1. The distance learning program is under development. The US, EU and UK rules implementing Basel III follow many aspects of Basel III closely, but there are so many differences in approach in several key areas. Many G20 countries choose options and national discretions that make them “materially non-compliant” or “largely compliant” with Basel III. We must wait until we have a really consistent Basel III implementation. We have developed over 28,000 slides covering the different implementations, but we could not call these slides the Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3) program. We organize in-house instructor-led training in major banks and financial conglomerates, where we tailor the program to meet specific requirements.
  2. It is highly recommended to study the Certified Basel iii Professional (CBiiiPro) Program before the Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3) Program.

The all-inclusive cost is $297

What is included in this price:

A. The official presentations we use in our instructor-led classes

Course synopsis:

  • The Second Pillar of Basel 2
  • Revised Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
  • From the Second Pillar of Basel 2 to the Second Pillar of Basel 3
  • The new ICAAP
  • Basel III Pillar 2 Guidelines
  • Basel III Pillar 2 Guidelines and Case Studies in the USA
  • Basel III Pillar 2 Guidelines and Case Studies in the EU
  • Basel III Pillar 2 Guidelines and Case Studies in the G20 countries
  • Basel III Pillar 2 Guidelines and Case Studies in Other Countries

B. Up to 3 Online Exams

There is only one exam you need to pass, in order to become a Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3).

If you fail, you must study again the official presentations, but you do not need to spend money to try again. Up to 3 exams are included in the price.

C. Personalized Certificate printed in full colour

Processing, printing and posting to your office or home.

STEPS - To become a CP2E-B3

Step 1. For secure payment we use PayPal.

All major cards are accepted.

The all-inclusive cost is $297

Step 2. We will send you the official presentations via email in less than 48 hours.

Please study the presentations.

Step 3. When you feel ready to sit for the exam, please send an email to:

Lyn Spooner

We will create your account, and we will send you a username and password for the online exam.

You can sit for the exam any time from your office or home. Your account never expires.

Step 4. If you pass, congratulations. You will learn it immediately after the exam.

You are a Certified Pillar 2 Expert - Basel 3 (CP2E-B3), and you are entitled to write about your certificate in your CV, resume, websites etc. using the name and the logo of the association and the exam.

Step 5. We will send your signed and stamped certificate via standard mail. You will receive it up to 3 months after the day you passed the exam.

Step 6. If you do not pass the exam:

Study the presentations we have sent you.

Try to understand the details. You will have the opportunity to try again.

Step 7. You will have (at no extra cost) a second opportunity to sit for the exam.

You can use the same Username, Password and Account information we have sent you.

Step 8. If you do not pass again, you have to study more.

You will have (at no extra cost) a third opportunity to sit for the exam. You can use again your Username, Password and Account information.

Step 9. If you do not pass, you will have (at no extra cost) another opportunity to sit for the exam, but you have to study and learn more. After one year, you can try again (for the 4th time).

For any questions please contact Lyn Spooner

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How comprehensive are the slides? Are they just bullet points?

Answer: The slides are not just bullet points, you can read them, understand and learn. These are the official slides we use in our instructor led classes.

2. Do I need to buy books to pass the exam?

Answer: No. If you study the slides carefully, you can pass the exam. If you fail the first time, you must study more. Print the slides and use Post-it to attach notes like "COSO" "Operational Risk" etc. to know where to find the answer of the material you do not remember.

3. Is it an open book exam? Why?

Answer: Yes, it is an open book exam. Basel III is not something you have to memorize, it is something you have to understand.

4. Do I have to sit for the exam soon after receiving the presentations?

Answer: You can sit for the exam from your office or home any time in the future. We will create an online account that never expires.

5. Do I have to spend more money in the future to remain certified? Does the certification lose its value after some time?

Answer: No. Your certificate never expires. It will be valid without the need to spend money or to sit for another exam in the future.

6. Ok, the certificate never expires, but things change.

Answer: If a university degree never expires, why should our certificates expire? Yes, things change, and this is the reason you need to become a member of the Association. You will receive a monthly newsletter with updates, alerts and opportunities to stay current. There is no cost for that.

7. How many hours do I need to study in order to pass the exam?

Answer: It depends on your knowledge and experience. You must study the presentations carefully. You must go through the slides another time, and ensure you have learned the details. It usually takes 25-35 hours.

8. I want to learn more about the online exam.

Answer: You will be given 90 minutes to complete a 35 question multiple-choice exam. You must score 70% or higher. We do not send sample questions. If you study the presentations carefully, you can score 100%.

9. Why should I be certified?

Answer: After the failures of so many organizations during the current market crisis, and the risk that shareholders may sue senior management and the board of directors for gross negligence, firms and organizations hire only professionals that provide evidence that they are qualified and are "fit and proper", to use the Basel iii language.

Organizations need assurance that employees have the knowledge and skills to accept more responsibility. Supervisors and external auditors ask for independent evidence that the process owners are qualified, and that the controls can operate as designed because the persons responsible for these controls have the necessary knowledge.

The marketplace is clearly demanding qualified professionals in risk and compliance management. Certified professionals enjoy industry recognition, have more and better job opportunities, secure the best jobs, and make more money. They are more satisfied as they enjoy much more benefits for spending their time for somebody else.

It is important to be certified and to belong to professional associations. You prove that you are somebody who cares, learns, and belongs to a global community of professionals.

10. Why should I choose your certification program?

Answer: It is always wise to investigate first. You may search for other Basel iii certificates in the web.

We strongly believe that each of our distance learning and online certification programs offer very good value for money:

  1. You receive the training material (the official presentations of the instructor-led class).
  2. You can pass the exam. There are 3 exams that are included in the price, so you do not have to spend money again if you fail.
  3. No re-certification is required - You do not need to spend money in the future to remain certified. Your certificate never expires.
  4. You become member to the Association and you receive monthly updates, news and alerts.

11. I have questions and I did not find the answers.

Answer: You may send an email to Lyn Spooner. You will have a clear written answer to your questions.

Lyn Spooner

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